Cole Project

My wife Colleen and I can’t say enough about Aaron Wing and Chi Earth & Waterscape Design. Aaron takes landscape design to the next level. He looks at landscape much the way Van Gogh or Monet would look at a blank canvas. His creative passion is infectious. With sketch pad, and camera in hand the art begins to where spray cans sketch the vision on the landscape.

It is incredible to see the vision come to life, and realize it really is a work of art. Lazer levels assist in ensure water spills over rock into the pond creating the right image in the minds eye. Absolutely every rock, and vegetation is thoughtfully placed creating a living piece of art that gets better with age.

Our daughter was getting married in the backyard, so we went with Aaron’s creativity and vision. It made for an awesome day, with everyone raving about to the waterscape. As life returned to normal after the wedding, we still love the space. It is such a therapeutic space. The sight, the sounds of water babbling over River Rock and a split water fall into the pond.